If you are interested in participating or require any additional information about the Seaport of Vyborg and the passenger shipping development project, please contact Olga Ansberg, General Director of Port Logistic Ltd via email info@portlog.ru.

Port Logistic LLC is a stevedoring company and sole operator of the Seaport of Vyborg. The total area of the port is 16,2 ha. The company provides transshipping of various kinds of general cargo, dry and liquid bulk (mineral fertilizers, pellets, coal, ore, timber, scrap metal, aluminium hydroxide) and chemical liquid bulk.

The port offers safe storage facilities and has 47 700 m2 of open storage and 6689 m2 of protected storage.

During the summer navigation period the port accommodates passenger vessels.

The Seaport of Vyborg and our dedicated team of employees provide clients with reliable, efficient and modern services in a trustworthy and respectful environment.