Alexander Drozdenko, Governor for the region of Leningrad, recently visited the Port of Vyborg

During his visit he met with the management of Port Logistic LLC. Last year the company hit all time high record when it altogether had received and delivered nearly two million tons of various cargo.

In the years to come the port will introduce new and innovative methods of operation, with a focus on the regular cruise shipping between Finland and Vyborg.

A decision has also been made to modernize certain port facilities in order to provide services to combined ferries for passengers and freight. This requires a reconstruction of the quays and the purchase of new specialized equipment.

During the visit to Vyborg Governor Drozdenko also attended a business breakfast with female entrepreneurs from the region of Leningrad.

In all, 14 female entrepreneurs representing successful local businesses, were invited to discuss possible support measures from the regional government. Participants were from a wide range of spheres, from fitness clubs to private kindergartens.