The Royal Harbour Project unveiled

On April 18 2019, The Royal Harbour Project was presented at a meeting of the Coordination Council for inward and outbound tourism. The maritime brand of Vyborg is seen as an exciting, new and visionary tourist project in the North-West of Russia and will be concentrated in the area of Vyborg, a historical settlement of national importance.

The goals of this project are to establish a common standard for services provided to tourists arriving by sea to the port of Vyborg, establishing of a common loyalty programme within the brand tourist products, development of international cultural cooperation and revival of historical ties in the Baltic region.

Much of the focus will go towards encouraging and supporting new ventures aimed at the growing tourist market in Vyborg. Promoting this new comprehensive approach to sea tourism can be achieved by forming a close community of entrepreneurs in the area.

The project will contribute to creating an attractive and effective tourist environment, the coordination of all market participants and full support and training in the operational areas of the harbour border crossing point. As a way to continually improve and keep up to date with global advances, the local administration and business owners of Vyborg will be encouraged to work closely with various international projects involved in maritime tourism. It is assumed that the project will include tourist industry representatives from the North-West region of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries. Thus far, all participants in the project share a common goal of comprehensively developing the tourism business in the North-West Region of Russia.

Port Logistics LTd headed by Olga Ansberg, operator of The Port of Vyborg, will act as a representive for the brand.

Port Logistics LTd has enjoyed continued success in this market since 2012 and has the necessary infrastructure and financial resources in place to carry out the planned initiatives. Partnerships have already produced several preliminary agreements made within the framework of the brand for passenger ship accommodation in the port of Vyborg. Port Logistics LTd plans to establish high-end infrastructure for welcoming and handling passengers, ticket sales, tourist information points, Duty Free shopping and development of tourist attractions and facilities. A regular passenger and cruiseship route between the towns of Finland and Vyborg has already been proposed. The company is working on a strategy which will see the necessary infrastructure installed to enable the handling of small-sized vessels, at an entry and departure point in the port.

Oriente Marine Ltd. is the ambassador of the Royal Harbour brand.

Natalia Nikolaeva, the Executive Director of the company, coordinates the brand members on the international and local markets, defines and sets directions for development of theme products and works on development of the Royal Harbour brand of Vyborg as a seal of quality for businesses in tourism and services. The company will implement a discount programme, allowing three types of discount cards to be used, namely Admiral, Skipper and Navigator, which will offer 15, 10 and 5 percent discount respectively for services of the brand members.

How does one become a member of the programme?

The process of membership aims to be both easy and transparent. In order to be included into the Royal Harbour brand a candidate must apply to Oriente Marine Ltd.

The admission conditions are simple: a candidate company or a private entrepreneur must work within tourism or an adjacent sphere, demonstrate and bring with them an excellent reputation or recommendations. The successful

candidate will then be admitted free of charge into an open register of associated participants under the Royal Harbour brand. Afterwards, the participant of the programme will be to able use the Royal Harbour logo on information sources, signs and objects for sale. The logo itself will act as a seal of quality and will help attract and reassure tourists. The port will provide companies with special training on how to work effectively within the guidlines of the harbour border crossing point.