Development of passenger shipping discussed at a meeting between the Finnish Minister of Transport and Director of the port of Vyborg

On October 22 in a private meeting between Olga Ansberg, the general director of Port Logistic LTd, and Anne Berner, the Finnish Minister of Transport the parties discussed a potential plan of cooperation for the port of Vyborg and Finnish transport companies in terms of passenger and cargo shipment development.

After Vyborg entered an extensive programme “Preservation and revitalisation of small historical towns” with support from the Governor for the region of Leningrad, Alexander Drozdenko, the question of passenger shipping development became a topic. The programme includes a 5-7 years reconstruction plan and will allow the 725-year old town of Vyborg to take its rightful place among other historic and attractive towns such as Tallinn.

According to Olga Ansberg, implementing the plan to upgrade the port area will make the town more attractive for tourists arriving on local and international water routes. It will help Vyborg become an important tourist and logistical center and an attractive harbour for yacht tourism. In order to prepare the infrastructure plan for the port area development, Port Logistic LTd are meeting with potential partners, they are examining advanced technologies used in other ports and are participating in international events dedicated to passenger shipping.

The goal is to reach a healthy balance between modern requirements for a passenger port whilst respecting the heritage of the port of Vyborg which will demand innovative engineering solutions.


Vyborg is a historical town of national importance. Vyborg is also one of the nine small historical towns selected by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to participate in the project “Preservation and revitalisation of small historic towns”. The project is to be implemented in cooperation with the New Bank of BRICS with input from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South African Republic. The New Bank of BRICS will allocate 1.8 bln, Rub towards restauration of cultural heritage sites, and another 440 mln Rub will come from the regional budget. At present extensive restauration works of Olaf’s Tower and Clock Tower in Vyborg are being carried out using federal and regional budget funds.